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Avid Apple Eaters

I’ve come up with 3 different ways to eat an apple! Trust me, each way is so delicious you might forget you’re eating healthy. Want to have a sweet snack, but without all the unnecessary calories? As the old saying goes, An apple a day keeps the doctor away! I’ve come up with 3 different […]

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How to be Frugal

Here’s how I get the things I need for free or very cheap. 

Monuments Men Review

This movie wasn’t only bad, but confusing. It doesn’t seem like this movie was written by someone with any writing experience.

Tye-Dye Cupcakes

That’s when it comes to you, the ultimate crowd-pleaser for a group of hippy trippin’ rock lovin’ homies: tye-dye cupcakes.

Media for Teens

Being a teenager is messy and complicated, and there should be more media reflecting on that, and giving insight into that, as well as providing diverse representation to provide role-models for all different kinds of teenagers.

How to Dye Your Own Hair

Walking down the street in Oakland, you’ve probably spotted someone with abnormal hair.

Is This Art?

 In my opinion art can be anything, as long as it is observed as such. For example; if a used diaper is lying in the gutter, not being noticed, it is not art, but the moment that someone studies it, thinks about it, that is art. 

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
Speak of the Geek: No Longer Lacy Curtains for Doctor Horrible

Good news for all Horribles . . . and some slightly unfortunate news for Johnny Snow. 

Justin Bieber or Just Another Immigrant?

Is this really “the land of the free”? Or just for wealthy white male heartthrobs?

The Death of an Icon

An irreplaceable gem, the beloved child actor with the iconic dimples will never be forgotten.

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