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Speak of the Geek: No Longer Lacy Curtains for Doctor Horrible

Good news for all Horribles . . . and some slightly unfortunate news for Johnny Snow. 

Justin Bieber or Just Another Immigrant?

Is this really “the land of the free”? Or just for wealthy white male heartthrobs?

Reinform the Norm
Reinform The Norm

“Boys don’t know how to express their feelings at this age,” she explained. That wasn’t the first time I heard that, and it certainly wasn’t the last. But it marked a turning point in what was acceptable and forgivable behavior to me, and to so many other girls.

The Death of an Icon

An irreplaceable gem, the beloved child actor with the iconic dimples will never be forgotten.

Sexism in Doctor Who

Maybe you should see a doctor about that; sexism in Doctor Who.

Flip The Switch

You pay at the front door. It’s only $10 plus your new membership card. In front of you is a large poster stating the rules of Gilman. No racism, sexism, or homophobia are a few that are immediately apparent. This place seems cool.

Love in Your Lungs
Love In Your Lungs

Whether its the media, your friends or even your family, sometimes it seems the world is constantly telling us that in order to be satisfied with our lives, we absolutely have to incorporate a romantic partner into them. But this isn’t true!

The New Captain Marvel
Speak of the Geek: The Her in Superhero

“I look for something to hit. Something mythological preferably.”  - Wonder Woman

Her in the wind
“Her” Review

 This movie is thought provoking, has good acting, and amazing cinematography and writing.

Domesticated Cat
What Came Before the Domesticated Cat?

However, have you ever asked yourself where these felines came from? Contrary to belief, they were not always the cute cuddly kittens that we are most familiar with today.

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